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A new way of working

Solving digital problems and getting to market quickly with a smooth solution is your number one goal.

Creating the best teams to deliver that is our number one goal.

We’re called 8Squad because we work in specialised teams of up to 8 members called ‘squads’. Each squad is made up of diverse specialists across industry, tech and management to work openly and holistically on your digital journey.

What are the individual components of each team?

A. Core Role: Squad Leader – Functional role: high level strategy.

B. Squad Captain – Aligned to the nature of the squad – e.g. senior consultant or technical lead, solutions architect – helping and supporting the leaders in squad development and priming themselves to be future leaders.

C. Squad Member – Advisory

D. Squad Member – Technology architect, IA, SA or any of the above.

Is this every team?

A. A squad leader can be in charge over 3 squads
/ Leader can have a functional role too

B. Each squad must have a captain

The squads are kept small in size to remain dynamic and agile. As they grow beyond that size, they naturally split into new squads with new niche objectives that address specific, niche problems or needs as they arise.

We stay nimble to tailor researched solutions so you get your outcome.

Our key Industry squads are:

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