Helping financial services boost customer satisfaction in the digital economy


Helping financial services boost customer satisfaction in the digital economy

Salesforce for Financial Services & Client 360

Recent insights from a Salesforce survey of more than 2,000 consumers show that the number of financial services customers who prefer digital experiences is growing. However, with less than 20% of customers across banking, insurance, and wealth management say they get the assistance they need when transferred to financial services customer support, there is a great opportunity for financial firms to differentiate themselves and thrive in the highly competitive landscape. 

To address the challenges – and opportunities ahead, Salesforce has just expanded its offerings built specifically for banking, wealth management, and insurance companies. The latest innovations will help financial organisations drive efficiency and automate routine tasks, enabling employees to focus on high-touch customer requests. The new offering will also enable organisations to improve collaboration and unlock insights to anticipate customer needs and respond in the customer’s preferred channel.

8Squad has been selected as one of the global partners for Salesforce for Financial Services & Client 360. The new offerings are perfectly aligned to 8Squad experience and capabilities, allowing us to showcase some of our innovations and help organisations deliver meaningful and sustainable outcomes faster. 

8Squad’s approach is built around innovation, experience and partnering with the leading companies. We enable organisations to adapt to the changing environments faster, while operating in a structured and regulated market environment.

We understand that every financial services organisation is unique in its culture and operations. That’s why we design and implement innovative solutions across all aspects of the organisation to best meet individual needs of our customers. Our key industry focus in financial services are:

  • Wealth Management
  • Digital Lending
  • FinTech Emerging platforms
  • Insurance & Superannuation
  • Customer Service Modernisation

Frank Cuiuli, 8Squad’s CEO said: “We’re very excited about the latest innovations that Salesforce has introduced and for being selected as one of the global partners for Salesforce for Financial Services & Client 360. We look forward to helping organisations leverage the powerful capabilities of Salesforce and adapt to the ever-changing environments faster.

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About Salesforce for Financial Services 

Salesforce for Financial Services delivers relevant solutions for banking, insurance, and wealth and asset management organisations, for more connected, digital experiences for employees and customers. 

To find out more about the new Salesforce offering for financial services, and to find out how financial firms can accelerate their digital transformation and stay ahead of competition, contact Constantine Georgiou at [email protected]

About 8Squad

At 8Squad, we specialise in delivering complex technology projects that put humans first. Whether you’re scaling up, staying up or surging ahead, we can help you achieve your business goals with Salesforce faster.

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