Wealth Management

Wealth Management

High Volume Retail Transformation Case Study

Every Financial Services Enterprise is unique in its culture and operations while adhering to a structured and regulated market environment. As the industry and technology has evolved, so has the expectations around the experience from both customers and employees.


The Problem:

Due to limited-for-purpose applications available in the market, our client had to settle for archaic solutions to service basic functions as well as acquiring additional applications to supplement the functionality gaps. This left them with inefficient processes and systems, while also not being able to innovate or achieve basic operational outcomes.

  • The investment in the technology stack no longer made sense
  • The systems operated in silos with no central source of data
  • Unnecessary costs of resources completing low value manual processes
  • Annoyance amongst employees, duplication of effort and role satisfaction
  • Acceptance of poor processes as the industry standard
  • The systems did not provide any operational insights to key business objectives.
  • The list goes on….

The client was stuck in the past in an endless cycle of short-term workarounds, additional costs and reduced profits. Although they could see the future of Wealth Management, they started to believe that they simply couldn’t get there.

The Solution:

With the new rollout, we were able to:

  • Roll out the implementation and enablement of the WealthConnect TM application, built on the Salesforce platform.
  • Aligning organisational objectives with system functionality and CRM best practices.
  • Aligning organisation objectives with real time reporting

The Outcome:

By Implementing WealthConnect TM and Salesforce the client is:

  • building a scalable foundation for growth starting with key system functionality,
  • decommissioning redundant applications after the implementation of the new single CRM
    system, creating a single source of data across the organisation,
  • reducing costs in technology, outsourced services and internal operation inefficiencies,
  • providing intelligence in processes and operational decision making, and
  • future proofing the organisation through technology enablement and ability to leverage the Salesforce advantage.

The success of the partnership and enablement has now allowed the client to look towards further organisational improvements such as marketing automation, community portals, etc.

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