High Tech

High Tech

Utilising Salesforce's Flexibility To Improve Revenue Assurance and Process Efficiency

Our client offers professional services and products to the financial industry as a trusted ratings and data provider. Through their product offering, they provide a leading data platform for Financial Advisors.

The Problem:

  1. Sales growth faster than company can handle manually
  2. Surviving but reaching their market cap and leaking revenue
  3. Administrative drain
  4. Poor data quality
  5. Limited scalability
  6. Multiple systems and processes (e.g. Billing)

The product and company as a whole faced a connectivity issue from Marketing through to Billing. They already used Salesforce as the Lead and Opportunity source but lacked any automated Marketing and Trial Management as well as back office Contract and Billing.

They were feeling lost with no visibility across platforms, didn’t feel they could trust the data they were receiving and, found it hard to make confident decisions.

The Solution:

By implementing further Salesforce solutions within the business processes, they were able to:

  • automate marketing and lead capture opportunities with Salesforce Pardot,
  • improve the opportunity lifecycle with territory management and flows,through the Salesforce Sales Cloud,
  • contract and order management within Salesforce Sales Cloud,
  • use platform APIs to work with a new in-house billing solution,
  • reduce administrative workload and increase data quality, and
  • increase their service to their customers.

The Outcome:

Our client was able to improve speed, quality and vastly increase revenue through their product offerings. This increased the overall confidence in delivery of this product, which arguably increased morale within the company and confidence with their partners.

The client celebrated their new efficiencies:

  • Lead form submission to product trial reduce from 2 days to 2 minutes
  • Centralised contract management, providing a single source of truth and visibility across the business
  • A managed, end-to-end process for Marketing, Sales, Administration and Billing removing any data entry dependencies and quality issues

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