Health & Government

Health & Government

Innovating The Patient Journey By Leveraging Salesforce End to End Capability

Our client is a highly reputable and experienced phase clinical research organisation working closely with global pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

The Problem:

  1. Manual / time intensive scheduling processes
  2. Manual and disjoined call centre processes
  3. Lack of telephony integration – another manual process
  4. Inability to track trial patient journeys
  5. Inability to track trial patient adverse events

They were struggling because much of their processes were manual including recruiting and screening process as well as keeping in touch with their patients during their medical journeys – pre-and post-trial – meaning that they couldn’t serve the end user as they wanted to.

Additionally, they started the journey with an implementation partner located offshore who became insolvent before the project began putting them behind in their objectives.

The Solution:

  • Call centre and appointment scheduling with Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Clinical trial journeys with Marketing Cloud
  • Solutions mapped to the Aged Care Quality Standards | Australian Government

Salesforce recommended 8Squad to the client as they provide an experienced onshore delivery solution and are a competitive alternative to a global tier one consultancy firm.

The Outcome:

Our client went on to become a powerfully nimble operation even being able to shift direction quickly and timely to be able to deliver clinical trial stage of a potential COVID-19 vaccination.

Healthcare Case Study

A large allied healthcare provider that services both aged care and people with disabilities is looking to scale their operation.

The Problem:

The provider requires a tech stack to allow them to scale. In addition to scalability, the technology solution allows greater levels of compliance, alleviation of disparate systems, streamlined processes and improved participation and patient experience.

Healthcare is a quickly changing and dynamic environment with a drive towards delivering a more patient-centric approach with more inclusive and accessible solutions. It is moving the participant/patient closer to a consumer way of purchasing.

Here are the key areas it’s changing:

  • Strict adherence to Government compliance and the Royal Commission Quality Standards
  • Tighter patient-centricity
  • Greater control by the participant over their treatment including choosing their own service provider
  • Stronger focus on community engagement to educate and guide participants in the right direction
  • Greater visibility and accountability by the allied health provider to appeal to the participant
  • Easily accessible data for the participant so they feel confident and supported with the services they need

The Solution:

Healthcare needs to change through innovation and the solution is a tech solution.
This includes:

  • Data security, privacy and compliance to ensure participants’ personal protection
  • Unification of disparate processes and systems for a more integrated way of working
  • Accessible data across various platforms for improved participant experience

The Outcome:

With these implementations, the outcome will result in:

  • cost efficiency for the allied health providers,
  • strong audit trails and compliance for best privacy and security in a complex system, and
  • better services for the public.

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