Financial Services

Financial Services

From Idea To Market In 6 Months

As a startup with a new concept being delivered to the market, the key elements needed to make the platform a success was:

  1. Security
  2. Scalability
  3. Speed to market
  4. Cost efficiency
  5. Reliability

The Problem:

Our client had a vision and wanted to stay true to the solution rather than deal with load balancers, autoscaling groups, and an army DevOps. They needed a clean, unified system that could be run by minimal staff, with low running costs and reduced complexity so they could scale quickly, securely and cost-effectively.

They were looking to go to market within four months and work with a reliable partner that would be with them throughout their company journey. They wanted a partner that could step in periodically for further strategy and development when they grew and needed it or when the next round of funding became available.

The Solution:

Together, we created an enterprise grade B2B Lending/Transaction Platform on Salesforce that can be used by external merchants in a similar way to PayPal without using a third-party server. This meant:

  1. seamless registration and transaction flows,
  2. fully digital Anti Money Laundering and Serviceability Checks,
  3. a 5-star security system,
  4. scalability through a unified and highly integrated system through Salesforce Community Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Service Cloud Voice, and
  5. a quick to market solution, costing that scaled with them, and reliability by working with a local partner with proven experience.

The Outcome:

8Squad and Salesforce were natural partners to implement such a streamline and scalable solution from the ground up – especially because 8Squad embrace the organic growth model that our client was also championing.

Sharing the vision, 8Squad was not only able to deliver the solution technically but – through our deep industry experience – were able to provide thought leadership, compliance advice and operational innovation.

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