Consumer, Retail & Distribution

Consumer, Retail & Distribution

High Volume Retail Transformation Case Study

A large online shopping platform had fallen under pressure due to its rapid growth and further catalysed by additional pressure due to an increase in shopping trends from the pandemic.

The Problem

This situation was placing enormous strain on their processes and ability to maintain their strong customer reputation, which meant they were limited by their current platform which wasn’t adequately designed and implemented to pivot with such huge shifts in the market. This problem meant that:

  1. divergent communication channels were not integrated or consistently serviced – that is, they could not respond to the customer’s query in the channel of their choice,
  2. customer service centres were not efficiently able to manage the incoming customer cases,
  3. customer service centres were over-allocating time to cases, which could be better handled through self-service,
  4. the service channel was not being used to drive additional revenue – up-selling, cross-selling, etc., and
  5. concern existed around the inability to maintain the excellent customer service ratings achieved until that point.

The Solution

  1. Creation of a unified Service Console providing complete customer visibility (purchase history, previous cases, past communication, customer value score, etc.) through the implementation of the Salesforce Service Cloud giving visibility across the customer experience
  2. Reshaping their Call Centre through the implementation of Service Cloud Voice for transformational client interactions, employee experience and call centre management
  3. Implementation of Salesforce Omni-Channel to make sure a consistent message is delivered across chat, cases and calls for case resolutions using the customer’s preferred channel.
  4. Implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud’s Einstein, which recommends next best action during customer interactions and it also provides suggestions for cross- and up-selling as well as stock availability for similar products
  5. Creation of a Knowledge and Customer Portal with Salesforce Knowledge and Salesforce

Communities for customer self-service.

The Outcomes

  1. Increased customer satisfaction scores and reduced administrative load across the call centres
  2. Call centre agents handling higher value interactions
  3. Ability to manage higher volumes more efficiently
  4. Customer service centre as a revenue driver for the business, alleviating them from just managing cases, but also contributing to the business

8Squad provided a true partnership with the company with our tight-knit squad-structure. We were able to facilitate the necessary high-level and sophisticated conversation, while also designing and testing a solution with developers and advisors all in the same room. This dynamic structure meant that they not only enabled the company to pivot quickly, but also to keep revenue, reputation and morale high.

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