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See your customer journey’s bigger picture

See your customer journey’s bigger picture

The landscape of customer service has radically shifted in the past year. Through this workshop, we aim to catalyse change through in-depth conversation among key decision-makers to come up with a strategic digital transformation roadmap in line with business priorities without losing sight of evolving customer demands.

What is it and who is it for?

• Highly engaging facilitated ideation session with experts in field
• Workshop focuses on a collaborative and customer-centric approach identifying business challenges
• Suitable for business leaders and executives responsible for customer channels

Why do you need this NOW?

• Build a common belief in your customer strategy
• Align key stakeholders around shared business objectives prior to technology investment
• Create clarity and alignment on the realities of your customer experience

What is the outcome?

• Walk away with a business canvas depicting measurable customer and employee focused initiatives
• Insights and understanding of technology required to enable business success
• Clarity on next steps in your customer transformation journey

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Catch migrated to an Omni enabled Service Cloud Centre built within Salesforce with Amazon Connect Call Centre integration.
We helped improve their customer service score by 12%
After Catch's successful transformation, we have recently been selected as the go-to-market partner of Salesforce for Service Cloud Voice.

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