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“Imagine having the confidence, skills, and knowledge to completely unlock your potential. 
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The Academy represents a holistic personal development framework designed to develop skills that support improved performance.

We’re currently enduring some of the greatest changes and challenges humanity has ever had to face with changes to our work environment, our business models and our personal lifestyles and as the environment around us becomes more complex, in order to thrive, we need new knowledge, better habits and increased belief. 

Types of Academy Learnings

8Squad’s Subject Matter Expertise is now being distributed through the launch of a new programme called Tacit Knowledge Tuesday (TKT).

Evolving the distribution of our phenomenal level of subject matter expertise throughout 8Squad. This is your opportunity to become a part of a unique knowledge-sharing environment that can help accelerate your technical knowledge and expertise. 

TKT Modules

Principles of
Least Privilege

Tom Kitt is a PoLP expert. After completing this module, you’ll grasp the core PoLP concepts and their significance in system security. You’ll also gain the ability to assign access permissions only as necessary, enhancing security while reducing risks

Event Driven Architecture Patterns & Salesforce Integration

Matt Coutts is an expert in Event-Driven Architecture Patterns and Salesforce Integration. Completing this module will equip you with a grasp of event-driven architecture principles and how to integrate them into Salesforce.


Learn the core DevOps principles, tools, and processes, to understand continuous development, testing, and deployment workflows. You will also acquire skills for automating the delivery pipeline, ensuring efficient and reliable releases.

Business Prioritisation, Dependencies Mapping & Road Mapping

This module is a vital tool for effective business management with strategies and techniques for prioritising business tasks and mapping dependencies, enabliing accurate handling of priorities, dependencies, and the achievement of development goals.

Flow Best Practice Tips & Tricks

Presented by Tom Kitt, The purpose of this session is to cover best practice in flow (no hardcoding, fault paths, documentation etc), showcase latest features (data table, HTTP Callouts & reactive screens) and cover tips, tricks and hacks (SLDS styling hooks, custom components etc)

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Academy Architect

Frank Cuiuli is a leading practitioner of Peak Performance and Flow Science. His credentials and unique approach are bolstered by his status as a Certified Buteyko Breathing Coach, Certified NeuroPhysics Therapist, Freediving Enthusiast, and Lifetime Martial Artist.

Frank brings 20+ years of acquired wisdom and successes, having competed as a professional martial artist at elite levels and building companies in the competitive High Tech sector.

Frank has been a featured speaker at multiple start-up incubators. Frank’s role as a guest lecturer in the entrepreneurial programme at the UTS School of Management stands out as a defining moment in his career as a teacher.

8Squad Academy Transparent Logo

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