8Squad Academy

A place for evolving leaders

You’ve got a bottom line to realise and a vision to fulfil.

What makes us different, is our people, how they work and how they’re nurtured.

We’re in the middle of a mindfulness revolution. 8Squad doesn’t just provide a great working place, it drives the evolution of its squads and leaders.

Why should you care?

Because the high-performance of our squads is not just us paying it lip service. We are coming on board with you not only to solve your digital problems, but really to create the best new roll-out for driving a future in a rapidly changing and competitive world. Who is Frank and what has he created?

Why we work like this?

Performance, resilience and wellbeing matters to the squads, the company and our clients as well as each individual.
How we eat, sleep and carry ourselves each day is regularly discussed throughout the company because getting the basics right first is essential in driving personal and professional growth.

What is
The 8Squad Academy?

Internally known as The Academy, it’s the culture that underpins everything we do. It’s a philosophy and a system for growth, care and responsibility for building leaders.

A Belt System. Drawing on Frank’s solid martial arts background, the progression through levels is achieved by evolving through

  • KNOWLEDGE – Personal research and awareness
  • BELIEF – Implementing change
  • EMBODIMENT – Demonstrating personal mastery

This maps and provides a roadmap for growth in leadership through a syllabus that is digested and owned for self-determined professional development. This builds true accountability, ownership and ultimately stronger leadership for a tightknit culture and working system.

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